Operations Technologies is a top-rated supplier of integrated supply chain control, WMS, traceability, manufacturing and distribution execution solutions for the process and manufacturing industries.

This focus has resulted in a suite of solutions that help assure regulatory compliance and allow companies to completely manage the inventory supply chain - either as a standalone tool or integrated into existing ERP or accounting systems.

Management, control, and traceability begin at the supplier's dock, run through receiving, manufacturing, shipping, all the way through to final delivery at the customer's site.


WCS is a complete client-server based supply chain execution solution including production, warehouse , and distribution management as well as sophisticated barcode and RFID capability, etc.

WCS can provide powerful lot and pallet management capabilities even for ERP and accounting systems that lack that capacity


Mobia leverages the power of the Internet to provide a low cost ,feature rich alternative to the traditional "purchased and self hosted software" model. Rather than requiring a large capital investment, Mobia can be supplied as a monthly expense.on a. "Software as a Service" (SaaS) model. At just $125 per month / per user- . Mobia is the perfect solution for companies seeking basic receiving, manufacturing, shipping, labeling and traceability software but can't justify a costly capital project , the internal costs and risks, and the long implementation times.

Mobia was also designed for those clients who want to customize and extend an "off the shelf solution". As such, Mobia's look and feel and even workflow can be modified with simple XML configurations files or, for the more technically inclined, dramatically extended with web services and our API..


Both WCS and Mobia will allow you to adhere to all the major commercial and regulatory inventory management, traceability, and labeling requirements - including : :

Latest News

FDA 306 Bioterrorism Law - Dec 9, 2005 Compliance

The "Bioterrorism Act Establishment and Maintenance of Records Final Rule" require anyone receiving, holding, making, or shipping food to comply with new traceability rules that exceed the capability of most effected businesses.

(also see the WCS and Mobia solutions noted above)


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New FDA 306 Bioterrorism checklist to help companies evaluate their state of readiness

Operations Technologies has created a practical checklist to help companies do a quick review for their state of 306 readiness. THe checklist has handy references to the specific section of the act the act to allow deeper research

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FDA 306 Bioterrorism Q&A session on Nov 10 - Significantly Reduces "Interpretational Leeway"

With 306 less than a month away , the FDA released a new document that specifically and significantly tighten the definitions and intent of 306


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FDA's OKs using electronic methods for processing recalls



Operations Technologies launches Supply Sync

Operations Technologies is proud to announce the launch of SupplySync, a standalone or easily integrated solution for dramatically streamlining the dock-to-dock information and labeling flow. Of special note is its ability to meet new FDA 306 regulatory traceability requirements.

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